JADE Data Services, LLC
We are the people responsible for your satisfaction with work we do for you. We are Design, Installation, Maintenance, Finance, Customer Support, Customer Service! Doris is the financial advisor and planner with a background in restaurant management, and now manages a ranch here in North Carolina, and is the head wrangler for our two grandchildren. Jack is simply one of the best Microsoft Access database designers in the US today. One of his clients refers to him as “An Industrial Strength Developer”. His style of integrating into the processes for the systems that he is building, and long term view make his applications last as long as the processes themselves. The care Jack takes with users builds confidence in their user skills, confidence in the application, and confidence that your information is well taken care of.
Your mission is critical. Your data should be too!
A veteran owned and operated small business, building high quality, easy to use data systems for companies large and small in the heart of the Carolinas. Call (910) 334-2781 email: jack.marshfield@jadedataservices.net
We are Jack and Doris Marshfield, (J And D Enterprises) and we are the owners!